Tiffany Tempest | Queer and Nonbinary | she/they
Series in progress | Jan. 2020 - present

This series is an exploration of how queerness colours the everyday lives of 2SLGBTQIA+ people. The series title refers to a narrative device fiction tv writers often employ. Writers will often hide a character's queerness into the subtext, thus encoding their existence with meaning, without outright declaring their queerness. But this encryption is not limited to fiction.


Queer people also move through the world with their queer identities encoded in their being. The encryption is felt differently depending on context and presentation. Some people (such as butch lesbians, femme queer men, and non-’passing’ trans people) are clocked more regularly. While some people ‘pass’ as straight or cis and are rarely clocked. 


What does it mean to mean to be queer and ‘pass’ as cis or straight? How is this invisibilization protective? How does it fragment communities? What does it mean to not ‘pass’ as straight or cis? What does this vulnerability feel like in our bodies? 

Alison Alexander | Demisexual | she/they

Instagram: @hairwitch_x

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Dylan | Queer | she/her

Instagram: @deelanthedefect