A few years ago I learned I have synesthesia - a one in two thousand condition that means my sense interact with others in a unique way. When I listen to music I experience more than just the sounds. Each song evokes colours and textures that are influenced by my emotions. As I started to meditate on songs and paint my experience, I saw how music brings back forgotten memories - hence the name Synth•amnesia. 


When I look back on my life I tend to only remember the big moments - trials overcome, sunrises from mountain tops, and those we’ve lost. However, the memories these songs bring back are much more subtle; sunny days spent by the water, nights filled with tears, and stale heartache.

Righteous Rage.png

Righteous Rage - 2020


Moonlight - 2019

Moonlight process video - 2019

Iris - cropped.jpg

Iris (Goo Goo Dolls) - 2019

Skinny Love - cropped.jpg

Skinny Love (Birdy) - 2019